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A Blog About Why to Blog for Business!

2012, 21 Nov
What is a blog? A blog, according to our good friend Wikipedia is, “A discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries ("posts") typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).” My definition of a blog is much more simple. It is a series of original content that defines you as an individual person and/or a.iness owner, your time is scarce, and generally dedicating the time needed to keep up with a well written, consistent blog is overlooked. However, in order to truly maximize your brands potential, blogging is a necessary piece to your overall online marketing success. Do it yourself or hand it off to someone else who has the time to do it for you, but do not overlook this truly powerful tool.

Time Management

2012, 21 Nov
There are many theories on what is the ideal way to manage your time. One of the more interesting methods is a way to prioritize your To-Do List.  Many people keep a To-Do list, either in their mind, on paper , cellphones or computer.. Whichever way you prefer to keep track of your list is up to you. Usually, when someone beings a to-do list, they just start writing down ideas and t.them be more efficient Effort = 4  Outcome = 8  Priority = .5 3. Create report on what was completed yesterday Effort = 10  Outcome = 2  Priority = 5 Now your To-Do list is organized in a way that you will be completing tasks which will be quicker to complete and they the greatest outcome for yourself, your team and your business. 

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